image.jpegEveryone must confess there is nothing better than seeing mans best friend beaming with happiness. Your four legged friend would agree the Gold Coast has the best selection of off leash parks and beaches to make any pampered pooch content.

The Gold Coast’s Spit boasts kilometres of white sandy beach and waves that both you and your dog can enjoy. Morning beach walks and swims during the summer seems to be a popular start to any Sunday among many Gold Coast locals and their pooches, But if neither you or your four legged friend like the water, fear not as the Musgrave Off Leash Agility Dog park could very well be to your liking. This beautiful park with family friendly BBQ rest areas boasts a beautiful pathway with large established trees offering an even balance of sun and shade. This particular park is made even more special because your dog can run free without the concern of your dog running out into busy traffic as the the park is completely fenced in. Musgrave is the largest dog park on the Gold Coast and with acres and acres of space for ones dog to exercise is it any wonder it’s a popular choice amongst locals and Gold Coast Visitors.

The Broadwater Parklands is a great place for families with young kids to take their dogs offering a area that is off leash plus a play area for kids. A short stroll on lead will take you to a dog friendly cafe called Catalina located behind the pool where your pooch is greeted with its own VIP entry.

James Overall Park not quite as large as Musgrave but perfect for those wanting a quaint beach area without the waves. It’s the ideal location to sit and ponder life while your dog digs in the sand. Why not try out all these parks and see which one you love most.



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